How do I check the status of my order?


You will receive an email from Gifterzz.com to confirm that we have received your order. You may also check the order status on your “My Account” pages on the website. If you are unable to view the status of your order, please feel free to contact the Customer Service Centre.


Is it safe to provide payment details during the checkout process?


During the checkout process, you will be asked to complete your payment details. All the fields indicated as compulsory must be completed. Please note that we will collect and store your information, using an encrypted secure payment mechanism and will only use your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


When do you charge my credit card or deduct from my debit card?


All card payments are subject to authorization by your card issuer and we take payment when we accept your order shortly before processing your order.


What happens if my payment is not received but I have already received the products ordered from Gifterzz.com?


If your payment is not received and you have already received the products that you ordered from us, you must pay for the products or return those products to us in accordance with reasonable return instructions that we provide to you and in the same condition that you received them at your own expense.

If you do not do this within 15 days of the date on which we cancel your order, we may collect or arrange for collection of the products at your expense.


What happens if Gifterzz.com cannot supply me with the product I have ordered?


If we cannot supply you with the product or service that you have ordered, we will not process your order. We will inform you of this in writing (including email) and, if you have already paid for the product or service, we will offer you an instant Cart credit or refund you in full as soon as possible or within 15 business days.

How long does a delivery take and what are the charges?


Delivery charges and delivery time vary depending on the type of products ordered, the service you select and the shipping address. Delivery time mentioned on the website against each item is given as accurately as possible on the basis of carrier service provider’s assurance but cannot be guaranteed to be exact in nature due to circumstances beyond our control.


Can I cancel the order if there is a delay in delivery?


If you experience an abnormal delay of additional two weeks, then you may choose to cancel the order for claiming a full refund. If the total order value of each shipment to one destination is less than Rs.280, then there will be a standard delivery charge of Rs.50 applicable. For a limited period unless withdrawn by us, Gifterzz.com will be offering free shipping service on each order valued at Rs.280 or more to a single shipping address. As a consumer, you have an option to choose premium delivery service at additional charges as specified on the website.


Does Gifterzz.com ship its products to all areas within Pakistan and outside Pakistan?


Gifterzz.com does not ship outside Pakistan at the moment, and deliveries can be made at most of the locations as specified on the website. Certain items cannot be delivered to a few locations where our service is not available. Please check for the availability of delivery service for your shipping destination at the time of order completion on the website.