• 4,365.00

    Unforgettable Moments Cost: Rs. 3400/-

    • 1 Bisconni chocolate chips cookies Cost: Rs. 100/-
    • 1 High-quality leather wallet Cost: Rs. 800/-
    • 1  Markhor body spray  Cost: Rs. 300/-
    • 1 Imported chocolate box 125g Cost: Rs. 700/-
    • Basket Cost: Rs. 250/-
    • Dispatch Charges Cost: Rs. 1600/-
    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 4,905.00

    Nutty Honey Dates 3750/-

    -Golden Fancy Platter Cost:250

    -Almond 150gm Cost:500

    -Cashews 150gm Cost:500

    -Raisin 150gm Cost:300

    -Walnut 150gm Cost:500

    -Honey Jar 250g Cost: 150

    -Amber Date 200g Cost: 600

    -Packing cost:100

    Dispatch cost: 850


    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 3,420.00

    Snack Time Cost: Rs2800/-

    • 1 Small Box of Pringle
    • 2 Cake Up  Cake
    • 2 B&B Bounties Pack
    • 1 Eclair chocolate pouch
    • 1 CandyLand Bounty pack
    • 2 Jelly Pack
    • 1 Mix Nimko Pack
    • 1 Mong Daal Pack

    Box Cost: Rs 350/-

    Dispatch Cost: Rs. 1100/-

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 5,715.00

    Romantic Delights

    • Royal marriage perfume 100ml Cost: Rs. 500/-
    • Leather wallet Cost: Rs. 800/-
    • Wristwatch Cost: Rs. 1200/-
    • 2 KitKat 4 fingers each Cost: Rs. 350/-
    • 1 Dairy milk Cost: Rs. 300/-
    • 1 body spray Cost: Rs. 300/-
    • 1 love tags Cost: Rs. 100/-
    • Box Cost: Rs. 200/-

    Dispatch: Cost: Rs. 950/-

    Cost: Rs.4700/-

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 4,761.00

    Dream Day Hamper

    • 1 Bisconni Cookies Box Cost: Rs.200/-
    • 6 Pcs Truffle Chocolates Cost: Rs.600/-
    • 1 Leather Wallet Cost: Rs.800/-
    • 1 Dubai Import Tradition 100 ml Perfume Cost: Rs.1100/-
    • Box Cost: Rs.300/-

    Dispatch: 950/-

    Cost: Rs.3950/-

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 5,148.00

    Adore It Gift For Him

    • 1 Dairy Milk 87g Cost: Rs. 300/-
    • 1 Elegant Watch Cost: Rs. 1000/-
    • 1 Dubai Import Royal Mirage Night 100 ml Perfume Cost: Rs. 800/-
    • 1 Original Honey Jar 250g Cost: Rs. 800/-
    • Box Cost: Rs. 500/-

    Dispatch: 800/-

    Cost: Rs.4200/-

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 4,185.00

    Desire Gift For Him

    • 1 Ray Bin Glasses Cost: Rs.500/-
    • 3 Pcs Ferry Rose Cost: Rs.100/-
    • 1 Cassrey Watch Cost: Rs.1000/-
    • 1 Dubai Import Danielhills Red 100 ml Perfume Cost: Rs.800/-

    Dispatch: 450/-

    Cost: Rs.2850/-

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 4,230.00

    Daisy Basket

    For Rs. 2550 only!

    Dispatch: 650

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 7,750.00

    Snack Chunks Basket

    • 1 Ferry Rose Imported Chocolate 24 Pcs box Cost: Rs. 1800/-
    • 1 Kitkat 4 finger Cost: Rs.150/-
    • 2 Dairy milk Chocolate 18g Each Cost: Rs. 100/-
    • 1 Bueno Chocolate Cost: Rs. 350/-
    • 1 Toblerone Chocolate 35g Cost: Rs. 200/-
    • 1 M&m’s 45g Cost: Rs.200/-
    • 1 Dairy Milk Oreo Cost: Rs. 100/-
    • 1 fruit gum Cost: Rs. 150/-
    • 2 Nestle Juice Cost: Rs.140/-
    • 1 Moro Chocolate Cost: Rs. 20
    • 2 Lays Cost: Rs. 100/-
    • 1 Pringle 165g Cost: Rs. 430/-
    • 1 Nutella sticks with chocolate Cost: Rs. 170/-
    • 1 Mars Chocolate Cost: Rs. 150/-
    • 1 Teddy Bear 8 Inc Cost: Rs. 500/-
    • 1 Decorative Basket Cost: Rs. 600/-

    Dispatch: 1550/-

    Cost: Rs. 6700

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 6,781.50

    Best Dad Cushion with Munching Basket Cost: Rs. 2630/-

    – Cushion Cost: Rs. 550/-

    – Mix Nimco (200gm) Cost: Rs 200/-

    – Daal Mong (200gm) Cost: Rs 200/-

    – 2 Tuc (32gm) Cost: Rs40/-

    – 2 Jam Heart (45gm) Cost: Rs 30/-

    – 1 Britannia cookies (100gm) Cost: Rs 160/-

    – 1 Tiffany Delight (100 gm) Cost: Rs 300/-

    – Basket Cost: Rs 300/-

    Dispatch Cost: Rs. 850

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 2,871.00

    Best Father Ever Combo Cost: Rs. 1650

    • Cushion size: 15″ by 15″ Cost: Rs. 550/-
    • Mug Material: Ceramic Cost: Rs. 450/-
    • Dispatch: Rs. 650/-
    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 5,445.00

    Lotus Cake By Aztec

    Actual price:3000/=

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 5,791.50

    Chairman Latatha Unstitched Gul Ahmed Cost: 2750/-

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 450.00

    Father’s Day Cards

    Card Cost: 50/ Printing from office or any shop.

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 6,270.00

    Sugar-Free Gift Basket: Cost: Rs. 2800/-

    – 2 Diet Cans Cost: Rs. 120/-

    – Canderel (100 gm) Cost: Rs. 310/-

    – Pack of LU Wheatable Sugar Cost: Rs. 300/-

    -Free Biscuits (130 gms) Cost: Rs. 250/-

    – 1 Pack of Tiffany Sugar-Free Cookies (190 gms each) Cost: Rs. 350/-

    – 1 Pack of Britannia Digestive Sugar-Free Cookies (200 gms each) Cost: Rs. 300/-

    – 2 Packs of Britannia Marie Gold Cookies (140 gms each) Cost: Rs. 300/-

    – 1 Tropicana Sugar-Free (750ml) Cost: Rs. 400/-

    – Basket Cost: Rs. 400/-

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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  • 7,128.00

    Product Specific:
    -Almonds 500gm Cost:1200/-
    -Cashews 500gm Cost: 1300/-
    -Pistachios 500gm Cost: 1300/-

    -Basket and Pauch Cost: 500/-

    Total Amount: 4900/-

    Sold By : Gifterzz
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