• 4,450

    2022 Lawn Summer collection by Marjan Embroided Front Printed Back and Sleeves Shirt, Dyed  Trouser with Printed Chiffon dupatta. Casual wear for the summer season and feel comfortable. – Unstitched Salwar Suit for Women – Printed Shirt, Dyed Shalwar, and Chiffon Dupatta. – USP: same shown item will be delivered…

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  • 5,900

    David Off Cool Water For Women EDT 100ml

    Product specifics:-
    Weight: 100ml Cost: 5200
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  • 2,850

    Weight: 2.5 Lbs

    Three Milk Cake By Layers 1500+ 200 = 1700/-

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  • 3,850

    Be Graceful

    • Traditional Perfume  Cost: Rs.1000/-
    • Watch Cost: Rs.1000/-

    Dispatch: 350/-

    Cost: Rs.2350/-

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  • 4,050

    Be Charmed

    • 1 Quality Street 240g Cost: Rs.1200/-
    • 1 Leather Belt Cost: Rs.500/-
    • 1 Leather Men’s Wallet Cost: Rs.500/-
    • 1 Glasses Cost: Rs.500/-

    Dispatch: 350/-

    Cost: Rs.3050/-

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  • 2,850

    Handbag With Elegant Earrings Cost: Rs. 1100/-

    • 1 Handbag Cost: Rs. 400/-
    • 1 Elegant Earring Cost: Rs. 300/-
    • Dispatch Cost: Rs. 400/-
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  • 2,850

    Elegant Gift Box Cost: Rs. 1700/-

    • 1 Chocolate box  Cost: Rs. 300/-
    • 1 Handbag Cost: Rs. 650/-
    • 1 Elegant EarringCost: Rs. 300/-
    • Dispatch Cost: Rs. 450/-
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  • 3,950

    Handbag With Elegant Watch Cost: Rs. 1950/-

    • 1 Handbag Cost: Rs. 1000/-
    • 1 Elegant Bracelet with Watch Cost: Rs. 500/-
    • Dispatch Cost: Rs. 450/-
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  • 3,360

    Pamper Box Cost: Rs. 2360/-

    • 1 Ponds Triple Vitamin Lotion 100ml Cost: Rs. 180/-
    • 1 Ponds White Beauty Face Wash 50g Cost: Rs. 160/-
    • 1 Ponds Lightening Toner 150ml Cost: Rs. 320/-
    • 1 Ponds Day Cream 25g Cost: Rs. 150/-
    • 1 Beauty Blend Cost: Rs. 100/-
    • 1 Nail Paint Cost: Rs. 150/-
    • 3 Pcs Ferrero Rocher  Cost: Rs. 250/-
    • Box Cost: Rs. 70/-
    • Dispatch Cost: Rs.650/-
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  • 4,550

    Cute Love Gift Cost: Rs. 2730/-

    • 1 Gold-plated pearl watch Cost: Rs.500/-
    • 8 Inc Bear Cost: Rs.400/-
    • Prisma Rose 100 ml Perfume Cost: Rs.780/-
    • 4 Kitkat chocolate bar Cost: Rs.400/-
    • Dispatch Cost: Rs.650/-
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  • 6,300

    Special Basket for Grandma Cost: Rs. 5050/-

    • Quran e Pak  Cost: Rs. 1050/-
    • Tasbeeh  Cost: Rs. 350/-
    • Ittar  Cost: Rs. 1050/-
    • Pashmina Shawl Cost: Rs. 1000/-
    • Basket Cost: 350

    Dispatch Cost: Rs. 1250/-

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  • 4,990

    True Admiration Cost Rs.3430/-

    . 1. Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo(360ml) Cost Rs.400/-

    . 2. Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner (180ml) Cost: Rs. 240/-

    . 3. Dove Beauty Cream (250 ml) Cost Rs. 380/-

    .4. Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion cost: 280/-

    . Bath Sponge Cost Rs. 150/-

    . Lady Dorall Cost Rs. 1000/-

    . 2 Refuel Chikky bars Cost Rs. 180/-

    . Box Cost Rs. 150/-

    . Dispatch Cost Rs. 650/-

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  • 5,850

    Chocolate Lover Delight

    • Ferry Rose Imported Chocolate 20 Pcs box Cost: Rs. 700/-
    • 10 Dairy milk bar 70g each Cost: Rs. 1000/-
    • 12 Dairy milk bar 13g each Cost: Rs. 360/-
    • 1 Nutella Jar 350g Cost: Rs. 700/-
    • 1 Teddy Bear 8 Inc Cost: Rs. 450/-
    • 1 Decorative Basket Cost: Rs. 350/-
    • Basket Decoration Cost: Rs. 200/-

    Dispatch: 800

    Cost: 4560/-

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  • -14% Off


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  • 4,450

    Ethnics brings classy designs and comfortable is all you need this season. The suit is un-stitched so your beloved can have it stitched the way she wants. A gift to the lady who means to you the most. Cheer them with trendy patterns and designs. Send it to your Mother,…

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  • 6,084

    I Love You, Mom Cushion, with Cookies Cost: Rs. 5150/-

    -Cushion size: 15″ by 15″  Cost: Rs. 550/-

    -Butter Cookies (908 gms) Cost: Rs. 1500
    -Quality Streets (480 gms) Cost: Rs. 1450
    -Biscotto Chocolate Wafer Sticks (370 gms) Cost: Rs. 800/-

    Dispatch Cost: Rs. 850

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  • 6,084

    Ammi I Miss You Combo Cost: Rs. 3850/-

    Cushion size: 15″ by 15″ Cost: Rs. 350/-

    Cool Water: 100ml Cost: Rs. 3500/-

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  • 4,450

    Best Mother Combo Cost: Rs. 2450/-

    – 3 Pcs Unstitched Lilien Suit Cost: Rs. 750/-

    – Antique Jewelry Box Cost: Rs. 350/-

    – Pearl Necklace with Gold Plated Zircon Studs Cost: Rs. 350

    – Soft Leather Handbag Cost: Rs. 300/-

    – Wooden frame Cost: Rs. 200/-

    Delivery Cost: 500/-

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  • 450

    Mother’s Day Cards

    Card Cost: 50/- Printing from Office or any shop.

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  • 11,661

    Combo Gifts For Women Cost: Rs. 9450/-

    Cool Water perfume 100 ML Cost: Rs. 4500/-

    Ferrero Rochers containing 16 pieces Cost: Rs. 1450/-

    2 Lbs Chocolate fudge cake Cost: Rs. 1500/-

    Leather wallet Cost: Rs. 2000/-

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  • 6,270

    Flowers Bouquet with Mithai & Fruits Cost: Rs. 4200/-

    – Fruit basket:  5-6kg Cost: Rs. 1300/-
    – Mixed mithai: 2kg Cost: Rs. 1400/-
    – Medium bouquet Cost: Rs. 500/-

    – Basket Cost: Rs. 500/-

    Delivery 500

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  • 9,971

    Perfume with Handbag & Body Cream Cost: Rs. 8300/-

    – Cool Water for Women 100 ml Cost: Rs. 4000/-
    – A Cool, Trendy Leather Purse for Her Cost: Rs. 4000/-
    – Dove’s Moisturising Cream Cost: Rs.300

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  • 850

    Gold Plated Zircon Studs Cost: Rs. 250/-


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  • 12,157

    Versace Crystal for Women

    Weight:90 ml Cost:9000/-

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  • 3,752

    Product Consists

    Roses with Toblerone Chocolates Cost: Rs. 1350/-

    – Arrangement of 1 Dozen Red Roses with Baby Breath in a Basket Cost: Rs.950/-

    (Basket: 300 – Flowers Red Rose: 300 – Baby Breath: 200 – Packing: 150)

    – 2 Bars of Toblerone Chocolate (Weight: 50 gms Each) Cost: Rs. 400/-

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  • 5,920

    Product Specifics:

    Cake with Mixed Flowers & Ferrero Rocher Box Cost: Rs.3300/-

    – 8 Inches Teddy Bear Cost: Rs. 350/-

    – 15 Mix Roses Cost: Rs. 500/-

    – 2 Lbs Chocolate Fudge Cake Cost: Rs. 1200/-

    – 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Cost: Rs. 1400/-

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  • 4,985

    The basket contains:

    Especially for Mom Cost Rs.2130/-.

    1. Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo(360ml) Cost Rs.380/-.

    2. Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner (180ml) Cost: Rs. 280/-.

    3. Dove Beauty Cream (250 ml) Cost Rs. 360/-

    4. Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion Cost Rs. 360/-

    5. Dove Soap (135 g) Cost Rs. 200/-

    6. Bath Sponge Cost Rs. 200/-

    7. Decorative Mother Frame Cost Rs. 150/-

    8. Basket Cost: 200/-

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  • 2,950

    Weight: 2 Kg Cost: 1600/-

    Mix Mithai Box will be sourced from the premium mithai shops in the city.

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  • 3,449

    Product specifics:
    World’s Best Mother Gift Hamper Cost: Rs. 1600/-

    World’s Best Mother wooden frame Cost: Rs. 250/-

    -200 Gms Daal Mong. Cost: Rs. 200/-

    -200 Gms Salted Chewra. Cost: Rs. 200/-

    -200 Gms Daal Sew. Cost: Rs. 200/-

    -200 Gms Mix Nimco. Cost: Rs. 200/-

    -200 Gms Spicy Peanuts.Cost: Rs. 200/-

    Basket Cost: Rs. 350/-

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  • 5,650

    Sugar-Free Gift Basket: Cost: Rs. 2800/-

    – 2 Diet Cans Cost: Rs. 120/-

    – Canderel (100 gm) Cost: Rs. 310/-

    – Pack of LU Wheatable Sugar Cost: Rs. 300/-

    -Free Biscuits (130 gms) Cost: Rs. 250/-

    – 1 Pack of Tiffany Sugar-Free Cookies (190 gms each) Cost: Rs. 350/-

    – 1 Pack of Britannia Digestive Sugar-Free Cookies (200 gms each) Cost: Rs. 300/-

    – 2 Packs of Britannia Marie Gold Cookies (140 gms each) Cost: Rs. 300/-

    – 1 Tropicana Sugar-Free (750ml) Cost: Rs. 400/-

    – Basket Cost: Rs. 400/-

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  • 4,865

    Product Specific:-
    Mix Dry Fruit Basket 1 Kg

    -Almonds 200gm Cost: 400

    -Cashews 200gm Cost: 400

    -Pistachios 200gm Cost: 600

    -WalNuts 200gm Cost: 300

    -Raisins 200gm Cost: 200

    -Basket Cost: 300


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  • 3,880

    7-9 Kg Mix Fresh Fruit in a Basket Cost: 1935/-

    Per kg 215

    Basket: 300

    Total: 2235

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