Basket of Sweet Treat


Basket Includes:-
-3 Bounty (55g) Rs. 450/-
-3 Mars (51g) Rs. 450/-
-3 Snickers (50g) Rs. 450/-
-3 Kit Kat (28g) Rs. 300/-
-3 Dairy Milk (20g) Rs. 150/-
-2 Toblerone (50g) Rs. 450/-
-2 Twix Bars (50g) Rs. 300/-
-1 Ferrero Rose Rs. 120/-

Basket: Rs. 300/-

Delivery Charges Rs. 500/-

Total: 3470


Chocolates can be the best gift for any occasion. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration, you can gift these yummy crunchy nutty chocolates to your loved ones in Pakistan. These are sure to disclose your emotions for them.

This overflowing chocolate gift basket will be a complete gift for any celebration which can be gifted to friends & family, siblings to colleagues on different occasions to make it memorable.

Basket Includes:-
-3 Bounty (55g)
-3 Mars (51g)
-3 Snickers (50g)
-3 Kit Kat (28g)
-3 Dairy Milk (20g)
-2 Toblerone (50g)
-2 Twix Bars (50g)
-1 Ferrero Rose


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Basket of Sweet Treat