Charity is the source to get a place in heaven. Charity is the act of extending love and kindness to others unconditionally, which is a conscious act but the decision is made by the heart, without expecting a reward. When Charity is carried out selflessly, it is a one-way act where a person gives but asks for nothing in return.

The practice of charity is the voluntary giving of help to those in need, as a humanitarian act. There are a number of philosophies about charity, often associated with religion. Effective altruism is the use of evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to help others. A charity must have one or more of the purposes which have been defined in law.

These include things like relieving poverty, education, religion, protecting the environment, animal welfare, human rights, and community development. Charity begins with the inward recognition of a need to show compassion to others whether consciously or unconsciously.

Everyone has problems, troubles, and griefs of some sort in life but charity starts with those who learn to downplay their own problems, in order to extend compassion, kindness, and love to help others. Hence some people set aside their own pains to relieve the pain of others.

Charity is essential and therefore meant to be done for public benefit, and relief and to provide assistance to people in times of need in any part of the world, especially those who are the victims of war, natural disaster, catastrophe, hunger, disease, poverty, orphans by supplying them with food, shelter, medical aid, and other fundamental needs.

In every region, the lesson of help is given to the followers. We do not know how we get but we know the way of spending and way to earn. This world is so beautiful and the creator of the world is more beautiful than this globe.